Wednesday, November 7, 2012

About Us

Once upon a time, before I become  a single Mom(though legally I am not but last one year I am  single- handedly taking care of my little one) , I got married to my dream man and as usual instead of Prince Charming he turned out to be a simple frog. We fought and fought and still fighting....and I am still hoping like a stupid woman that everything going to be alright and my frog will really come out as a knight in shining armour... which will never happen.

In middle of all these there is a little baby who was looking at SON...thinking ... are all the Momma's in this world always cry like my Mom or all the mom's are as mad as this one? I still do not have the answer.

So.. I thought lets give my life another chance with my little one and lets stop thinking about all this trouble of life and lets start a brand new story about our life.

ZUZU is what I call my little fellow, he is almost one  and half year old with beautiful eyes and mischievous smile (Which often used as weapon by him when I am extremely annoyed with him). This blog is about our life and how I fall and pick up myself as we walk towards happiness.